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Sunday, July 20, 2014


In my Brand+Aid blog article, Six Helpful Hints to Get Your Social Media Up and Running, I talk about how we developed a team approach to social media management in my agency. It wasn't something that we implemented overnight.  It took time and we learned as our strategy developed, experiencing both successes and failures, but always trying to do it better and efficiently.  And it's been fun - a necessity if anything's going to keep my interest for the long haul.

For me, learning how to use social media involved trial and error, reading articles and books, and attending educational and training sessions.  Another great source is YouTube videos.  One of my favorites is The Social Media Revolution.  This video makes a compelling case for businesses, like parks and recreation, to use social media.  This link is for the 2014 version, but you might enjoy some of the earlier versions (my favorite is from 2010, but that's because I love the rockin' soundtrack).
Another really good video was produced for a government agency in Victoria, Australia, that we've simply . . . 'borrowed".  Like them, we use it for staff training for social media in the workplace.  It's brief, engaging, and high quality.  In my agency every employee is asked to watch this video, participate in a discussion about social media in the workplace, and sign a social media user agreement.  Signing the agreement is not required, but necessary if they want to participate on our official Facebook department newsfeed, which is our ongoing department newsletter and is well utilized.

Social media isn't going anywhere.  It will continue to grow and evolve.  Leaders need to come to grips with that and use it to their advantage as opposed to avoiding it and banning it from the workplace.  It's the next step in the evolution of communication. Those who resist evolving run the risk of becoming obsolete and irrelevant.